It takes just one breath to return to our heart center
To remember that we are not just watching the stream,
We are the stream, that flows and meanders, twists and turns
We are the song bird, the laughter of a child, the cry of the wild
Inside and out, we are all and all is one, forever connected.
It is then that we are truly practising yoga.

Come and join us on the mat, be inspired and motivated for the year ahead!  I'm excited to say, we've got lots to look forward to ...  First up some new classes have been added to the timetable, including more Beginners Yoga Classes, Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga Classes and Mother and Baby Yoga Classes.  We also have some great workshops in the pipeline for 2015, with teachers both from our home shores and international names too. 

A trip to India is also on the cards for anyone keen to join us!  Friday 27th March at 5pm, we're hosting an evening to find out more.  Come enjoy fresh chai, photos and even a movie exploring the Mysore experience, so you can see for yourself if you'd like to join us on the trip of a lifetime to Mysore, India. Its a great opportunity to travel within the safety and support of a group to India for 2 weeks to practise yoga and experience the sights, food, massage, find out what courses you can take and of course the shopping India has to offer.  This evening is meant as a way to find out more, to ask ALL those burning questions and find out if this is for you. Look forward to seeing you there!  Dates for the trip will also be discussed to work out when would be most suitable :-)

We are also very excited to let you all know that The Heart Center is GOING TO MYSORE!  More details on this soon, if you are interested in coming along for the ride too, email me and find out more :-)

Feedback has been incredible so far from my Ashtanga Yoga for Pregnancy DVD - both from ladies carrying little ones and from teachers around the world.  Even if you're not pregnant, the DVD is also a great introduction to The Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, as it is modified and a lot gentler than the regular practice.  Click here for a preview of the trailer, if you would like to order a copy, I'd love to hear from you, take a look at our shop for this and other exciting things from The Heart Center.

The Heart Center is the vision of Debi Hendra.  The idea is that yoga is accessible to anyone in Taupo who is interested in increasing their knowledge and ability to connect inwards and deepen their understanding of mind, body and spirit. In a quiet spot within three minutes of Taupo town centre, The Heart Center is a dedicated yoga and meditation space open to everyone. Whether you’re looking to build strength and flexibility, let go of stress or bring a little balance in your life, a regular yoga practise can help.

From your first class, you’ll find your body and mind will feel different - more open, more alive, more relaxed. Yoga works on many levels, slowly helping our bodies, minds and spirit lift, so each time you step on the mat, you’ll come a little closer to your own heart center.

I dedicate this website to my teachers John and Lucy Scott, Peter Sanson and Sharath – and offer my humble thanks for their patience, love and support. Thank you. Om shantih, Debi.

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